Your data is worth a lot! More than you think! We will show you what they can be used for, and help you exploit them.

Data Analysis (AtomDMP)

Cloud-based smart database, capable of storing and real-time segmenting and searching billions of data points. Event loops can be built for any data changes, enabling data-driven marketing and sales processes.

Headless CMS (ConyCMS)

A cloud-based enterprise headless CMS solution. Optimized for speed. Several of our projects have received MNB (Hungarian National Bank) audits. Financial institutions and insurance brokers choose it alongside SME and Web3 projects.

ForwardHub - EDM

Cloud-based email SaaS. Suitable for sending system emails and EDM messages. Good spam score, with processes and email content editable via a web interface (including system emails).

AI Welcome Kit

The core of the project is to train an artificial intelligence (AI) based on the documents provided by the company. The AI will be able to answer questions about the content of the documents, create tests, evaluate exams, support onboarding processes, and identify connections. Communication with the AI occurs through Telegram, a simple and widely used platform, making it easily accessible and usable for employees.

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